Why Home Insurance Is Not Only A Good Idea, It’s Extremely Important

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When buying a home these days, it’s almost automatic that most people will go ahead and factor in buying home insurance as well. Most people in Victoria and the rest of Vancouver Island know they

Nanaimo Realestate; Feng Shui: Ancient Art of Comfortable Living

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While a concept that was virtually unknown in Canada only a few short decades ago, the term Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that has today evolved into a mainstream industry. Most often associated […]

Nanaimo Realestate; Mortgage Helpers: Popular But Require Planning

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Secondary suites are very popular items in Nanaimo, and can be an excellent source of ongoing revenue, if done properly. Variously called mortgage helpers or in-law suites, these units are in essence self-contained apartments built […]

Nanaimo Realestate; Downsizing: The Upside & The Down

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You’ll know when it’s time to downsize your property. You’ll have reached the point where the yard work is too much effort, or you’re an empty nester with rooms that are filled now with nothing […]

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