Get Ready for Homeownership

Buy New or Resale?

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Buying a home can be an exercise in priorities and value. Homebuyers are inundated with different comparable properties, each having it's own value proposition. One predominant factor that more people are looking at is

Most desirable house features for 2021

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A home is defined by how we use it which means it needs to fit our lifestyle and our expectations. We need them to be trouble-free, efficient, and comfortable. Modern houses are evolving from mere

Modular homes

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In the early 1900's, a small mail-ordered house was a practical alternative to a custom designed and site-built dwelling. Homeowners could order the entire structure, pre-cut and ready to assemble. A kit house saved

6 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Family Friendly Home

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If you are considering purchasing a family home, we’re here to help.  Purchasing property for you and your family is a bit different than when you are on your own. Although a single person may […]

CREA releases latest figures

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“Homes sales were up on a month-over-month basis once again in November, and that trend is expected to continue in light of upcoming mortgage rule changes. “Recently announced changes to mortgage regulations will likely boost […]

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