May is a wonderful time of year when spring slowly yields to the warm breezes of summer. It’s a month full of anticipation for the coming holidays. Here are some family fun ideas to help start your summer.

Heirloom container gardening

For yard or enjoy container gardening, May is typically the planting season for early summer vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, and flowers. This is the time to purchase seeds and grow something wonderful. Heirloom varieties of vegetables are considered pure breeds and often have richer and more interesting flavours and aesthetics compared to supermarket varieties. The best part is that the whole family can join in and learn about basic gardening.

Learn to play golf

Golf is embraced by young and old, experienced and novice. Many people believe that golf is for adults only, but children enjoy it as well. Golf courses rent equipment so it’s inexpensive to try as a family activity. If a full round of 18 holes is too much for younger members of the family, start with some practice on the driving range and putting greens. Sign up for a family class in golf lessons to understand sound technique that you can build on.

Village hopping

In regions with many small towns, weekend day tripping is a holiday away from home. Experience the unique charm and cultures of various villages and hamlets and still be back home for dinner. Have a photo contest of historic architecture and points of interest or a photo scavenger hunt.

Bicycle picnics

A successful bicycle picnic begins with good planning for contingencies. Consider the route and level of difficulty so everyone can keep up. Load up the bike rack and drive to a new area for fresh scenery. School backpacks can be repurposed into day-trip survival kits with a lunch, drinks, and other essentials. To keep things interesting, try to pack small foods to share and trade. Don’t forget the moist towelettes!

Rainy day fun

When it’s too rainy outside to do anything and the kids have exhausted all their indoor activities, why not introduce them to the world of photo and video essays? A photo essay is a collage of images that one might find in a coffee book table in which a story is told through a series of similar or different photos. Save and upload to a private Vimeo or You tube account to share with friends and family.

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