Getting your home ready for selling is a critical part to making sure it does sell.
The first step is hiring a REALTOR® who can provide some tips on the steps needed to prepare a home for selling.
The first step is to determine what needs to be done and what costs this will involve.

Avoid Expensive Upgrades

Home owners need to be wary of expensive upgrades prior to selling.
Make sure the upgrades will pay off.
Start by fixing small problems, the little maintenance things that everyone puts off.
Fix things that are broken such as loose hinges on doors that don’t swing properly.

Paint and Flooring

Give walls a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color can also make big improvement.
One cheap and cheerful way is to paint all the ceilings white.
Fresh paint provides a big payoff for the small cost.
Rooms with different color walls should be repainted
Painting walls in a neutral color will provide a flow throughout the home.
This helps people imagine their own furniture and belongings in a room.
Along with walls, choosing flooring in a neutral color also provides flow and cohesiveness throughout a home. Different types of flooring can be confusing to new buyers and add to a home’s cluttered look.


Cleaning the home and de-cluttering can make a huge difference in selling a home too.
Cleanliness is the first step and the people who don’t bother may miss a potential sale.

Along with cleaning de-clutter the home and get rid of personal items.
This makes a home look like it has more room and space so people can imagine their items in the home.
Empty closets out, pack up the dough art and put it in the garage.
Remove photos or other personal items so people can say that they want to live there.

Finally, you want to eliminate odors in the home, particularly if there are pets.
IF a potential buyer walks into a home that smells like a big wet dog, they will be turned off.
Having a home that smells nice, is bright and warm can make people want to live there.
Simple things like simmering cinnamon in a pot on the stove can make a home more welcoming to a potential buyer.

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