Maybe in the back of your mind you’ve started to think about selling your home. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, but maybe it’s now too big (or too small), perhaps you’re thinking of taking a new job that would involve a move, or maybe you just want something different. Regardless of the reasons there has never been a better time to put your home on the market. But before you do that why not ask yourself a few questions, just to put into words the thoughts that are rolling around in your mind.

How’s the real estate market? This is an important consideration. If the market is weak and your home languishes for months you’ll either end up selling it for less than you’d like, or you’ll grow despondent and elect to pull it from the market entirely. As a point to consider, the Nanaimo real estate market right now is very active, with homes selling quickly, often with multiple offer scenarios.

Is there a best time to sell my home? Like many Old Wives’ Tales there are those who maintain that certain seasons are better for home sales than others. While it is true that late summer is very popular as people (especially families) prepare for a return to the classroom, the reality is that any time is a good time to sell your home. In Nanaimo’s positive climate there are no atmospheric reasons why a home can’t sell in January just as well as in June – it takes the right product, the right price and the right buyer for the deal to go through.

How do I get my home ready to sell? First impressions are important in all aspects of live, including buying a home. Once your home is listed for sale people are going to want to see it. An overgrown lawn, a derelict Chevy in the driveway, abandoned bikes and toys and a home badly in need of a paint job are all instant turn offs for anyone who drives by to view your property. It doesn’t cost much to clean up the yard, and a little sprucing up of a home’s exterior can go a long way toward making it attractive and saleable.

How do I know what price to ask for? A simple rule of thumb for determining the asking price for a home is to determine how much similar properties are selling for in your neighborhood. If your home is in an area of home built at roughly the same time, find out what properties around you are going for. Individual features and condition can skew a price somewhat, but seeing what others are charging will at least provide a starting point.

Do I need a REALTOR®? This is one of the easiest questions to answer, as it is a definitive YES! Selling a home is a complex and sometimes terrifying undertaking – especially for those who have never done it before. While online tools are now available, no free website will ever provide the expertise, professionalism and local knowledge that a real estate professional can. To answer all of the questions above, plus countless more, always rely on the skills and expertise of your Realty Executives Mid Island REALTOR®.

There is any number of questions that should be asked before selling a home, but it’s safest, easiest and best to have a no-obligation chat with a REALTOR® before making any sort of commitment. They will have the answers to questions you may not even have thought of, and if you decide to proceed they are a priceless resource for the myriad of tasks that lay ahead. Selling a home can be scary, but you never have to go it alone.