If you are like many people in Nanaimo either you have or would like to have a home based business. This could be a part time venture to help generate some extra cash or it could be a life altering move that sees you toss the day job and head off into an entirely new direction. Regardless of the scale or depth of your involvement there is one inescapable thing to consider: where am I going to do my work?

There are many types of home based businesses. If a corner of the basement isn’t adequate, or the dining table not roomy enough, for many the answer is one of the newest and coolest additions to a home, a backyard Shedquarters. The concept has much in common with the carriage home style of secondary suite. The idea is simple, use available space on your property to construct a small, self contained mini office. A detached building such as this would have its own power, cable and phone lines – which will make it much easier at tax time to separate business from personal expenses.

Perhaps your business does not require you to meet or to personally interact with clients. In such a case then a computer in the corner of the master bedroom or tucked under the stairwell will do. But if an air of professionalism is called upon, if clients and potential clients are going to physically come to see you then a custom built Shedquarters has many advantages.

Not least of which is that a detached office, even one in the back yard or in a corner of the lot provides privacy and distinction to a meeting that wouldn’t be possible from a kitchen table, with cartoons blaring from the living room and the cat scratching at the patio door wanting to come in. What can a Shedquarters look like? That is one of this type of structure’s great delights because the sky is literally the limit – only available space on the property and the depth of the budget can make that determination.

Shedquarters are popping up all over the world and they can be as rustic or as science fiction as their builders like. There are some that are literally re-worked garden sheds with a hanging light bulb and there are also solar powered tech demonstrators that rival the best custom built homes. Do some research, check out the styles other entrepreneurs have envisioned and prepare to be amazed.

Shedquarters are exciting, practical and can even enhance the value of your home when it comes time to sell. But as with carriage homes always check with the City of Nanaimo before building your new mini office. Any and all construction projects must comply with city regulations and cannot negatively impact their neighborhoods. Do your research, check with the City and if it seems like the best option for your home based business start making your plans. Many great business empires were started in a garage, perhaps yours will begin in your backyard.