The world is an uncertain and ever changing place, and for many homeowners security is becoming an increasingly important consideration. Whether in the form of simple deadbolt locks on the doors, or as a full blown electronic security and monitoring system, household security has for many become a major consideration when purchasing a home.

Compared to other communities in North America Nanaimo is considered fairly crime free, but even our small coastal city has its problems. According to the Numbeo website, an online resource of statistical information, Nanaimo’s crime rate is currently pegged at 35.71 (with 100 being the worst and 0 being nonexistent). The city is rated very low for crimes such as a fear of walking at night, car theft or muggings. Home break-ins sit at 44.64 out of 100 (as of March 2017) which is a higher number than the overall city average.

The dawning of the Smart Home, where computerized systems can look after everything from the energy consumption to the watering of the lawn, is becoming increasingly common. The same technology that can draw the drapes or turn the lights on and off while you’re away can also monitor your property for unwanted visitors and can even notify the authorities if something unwanted does occur. Technology experts are predicting that there will be three main home security developments over the next few years.

Home Automation Popularity: A recent survey in the United States has suggested that the use of Smart Home technology will become increasingly common, to the point of it being viewed as an expected part of any modern home. In the near future Smart Home systems will become as common as telephone lines and cablevision wiring is today. Smart Home technology will include things such as closed circuit television coverage of the doors and yard. It will also allow for remote access to the home via Smartphone apps that allow the user to control the lights and thermostats from anywhere, including allowing the owner to see who is ringing their doorbell – even from across the country.

Complete Security Packages: While the trend today is to update an older home with a security system in a more piecemeal fashion, the adaptation of comprehensive security packages as part of a new build will also soon become the norm. The built-in system and the monitored service that accompanies it will someday become as commonplace as paying the monthly cable bill. The US technology survey suggested that North American families will be combining technology – TV cameras, garage door controls and smart locks – with lighting automation and other safety measures for security purposes like never before.

More Affordable & Available: Once the plaything of the rich or innovative, Smart Home technology and its multi layered security features will increasingly be embraced by homeowners of every age. The more these systems enter the mainstream the lower the costs of acquiring and installing them will become, making them affordable for all homeowners. Consider that indoor plumbing was once considered a novelty. In a few years time a house without Smart Home technology will seem as out of place as a modern home with a privy out back.

The future is now, and the latest available technology can make any home more economical, convenient and safer. Take some time, do some online research and see what tomorrow has to offer, today.