Spring is officially here and while Nanaimo and area may have been spared much of the fury of winter that our friends and relatives had to endure elsewhere in the country this year the blue skies and sunny mornings are still more than welcome. For many people spring is a great time to do a general cleaning and shaking out of the interior of their homes. But it’s also the perfect time to prepare the yard and exterior areas for the long days of sunlight that lie ahead.

The first step in any yard preparation effort has to begin with the lawn. The following are a few suggestions that should help to ensure your lawn gets off to a good start this season.

Clean It Up: For a lawn to grow well it needs to be able to breathe so always remove any debris that has accumulated over the winter. It’s also a great time to rake up any matted areas of the lawn. Raking these areas and removing debris will encourage better air flow throughout the turf and prevent disease and insect infestation. It also allows new grass blades to grow without having to struggle through debris.

Weed & Feed: Applying some form of weed and feed mixture in early spring is important! Nutrients such as these give your lawn a jump start once the main growing season truly begins. Experts believe products such as these work best if applied before the soil temperatures reaching 55-60 degrees. After this point the weed seeds will have begun to germinate and the weed control element of the product will be less effective.

Aeration: Core aeration is a great thing to do to your lawn in the spring. It is important, because it allows water and air to reach the root zone faster. This will result in new growth and increased root development. As with fertilizers and other nutrients mentioned above it is important to core aerate before the soil temperature reaches that 55-60 degree point. Once the ground has had a chance to warm up the holes punched into the lawn during the aeration process will provide the perfect nesting spot for aggressive weeds seeds. This is something you should always strive to prevent.

If the weather permits spring can be a great time to re-seed any damaged turf areas. Perform any turf repairs needed as early as possible so that the seeds will have enough time to germinate and to become established. A bright green lawn, free of weeds is both visually appealing and adds value to a home if you’re thinking of putting it on the market this season. First impressions are powerful, and a home with an immaculate lawn will show much better than one that is brown and spotty.

If it’s time for a new lawn or you are looking to sell your old lawn in Nanaimo, contact us.