It’s never too early to start preparing a home for selling in the spring.
In fact, the fall and winter months are an ideal time to repair or renovate items around the home.
This gives the homeowner time to get things done the right way with proper planning and without the added pressure of time demands in the spring.

The first step is to call a REALTOR® and ask them what steps a homeowner should take to prepare a home for selling in the spring. Houses can be listed as early as the beginning of February  to get a jump start on the competitive spring market.


Spending the fall and winter months decluttering a home is a great first step.
Then the homeowner has time to sift through items and determine what should stay and what should go.
The next step is to organize and remove personal items – this gives a home a more roomy, spacious look to it and also allows prospective buyers to imagine their items in that space.

Repairing and Renovating
The fall and winter  months are a great time to repair all the items that have been put off to get a home ready for selling in the spring.
This means things like broken door jambs and door knobs, trim that needs repairing.
This is also the time to consider whether a renovation will add to the value of a home.
Before any renovations are done, it’s important to determine if that money will be recovered in selling a home.  Extensive renovations like adding a second bathroom, redoing the kitchen or adding a skylight could make a difference. But the money may never be recovered in selling, so this is why it’s important to get advice from a REALTOR®.


Touching up a house with a fresh coat of neutral paint is a great way to get it ready for selling in the spring. Look around the house with a critical eye or get advice from a REALTOR® as to which areas  need repainting.  Painting trim in a bright, light white or off white color can really make a room pop. People who choose to  do  their own painting should be good at it or hire a professional.

Look around the yard with a critical eye and determine how to fix or improve the look to add to curb appeal.  Adding or removing shrubs and plants and landscaping touches can make a difference. Remove anything that is cluttering a yard and repair any broken hinges or sagging fences.


Get finances organized to prepare for selling and relocating to a new home.
Meet with a bank and determine the penalties for refinancing and if a mortgage is portable.
The current low mortgage rates can be locked in for 90-120 days.